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Bat Trapping and Exclusion in Baltimore County and Surrounding Areas

Prevention by Exclusion * Reasonable Rates * Licensed & Insured

Watch this video showing 20+ bats fly out from behind window shutters!

Bats, bats, bats! We can help!

July and August are bad months for bats in Maryland.

Bat Trapping and Removal in Baltimore, MD The young bat pups are starting to wean and, like any teenagers, these youngsters will likely get into trouble. Typically, the bats people usually encounter flying around their homes at night are juveniles that got separated from the rest of the bat colony. You may have bats living in your attic and not even know it! But bats don't travel alone. More often than not, the bat colonies are infested with the bat bugs that are close relatives to bed bugs.

Bat bugs - close relative of bed bugs These parasites will sometimes migrate off the bats in the attic and will enter other rooms of a house through poorly sealed window frames. Once they do, they are looking for food - a warm blood meal.

Bat bugs are the species that gave rise to the modern bed bugs.

Why tolerate bats or any other nuisance animals in your home? We are your local squirrel trapping/squirrel removal service. We provide animal control, animal trapping, and animal removal services in and around Baltimore City, Baltimore county, and surrounding areas. We will solve your nuisance animal problems. We use a humane trapping and removal technique and release the animal legally. End your nuisance and wildlife animal trapping, and removal problems with a licensed and insured animal trapper. We're just a phone call away - 443-562-9509.

We provide fast, competent, and humane solutions to most nuisance animal problems at reasonable prices. All jobs are overseen my Marc Cohen, owner. Marc has a BS in Zoology from the University of Maryland and has been working with wildlife for over 20 years.

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