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Gray Squirrel Removal in Baltimore County and Surrounding Areas

Prevention by Exclusion * Reasonable Rates * Licensed & Insured

Gray Squirrel Removal and ExclusionThe most common nuisance wildlife problem. Often chewing through vents, soffits, and fascia to enter attics, squirrels are as destructive as they are annoying. The best way to trap them is as they move through exit holes. The exclusion process involves inspecting your entire roof and then sealing all holes. The areas that we've excluded are guaranteed for 10 years, (unless a tree falls on your home, etc.)

Squirrels rarely bite himans or house pets unless they've been cornered or feel threatened. These pests are typically able to co-exist with humans with little issues. However, they do carry and transmit a number of diseases, which makes their presence in your attic dangerous. Salmonella bacteria found in their droppings and lyme disease spread by the ticks are the most common ones.

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