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Snake Trapping, Snake Removal Baltimore Experts - Serving Baltimore County and Surrounding Areas

Snake Prevention by Exclusion * Reasonable Rates * Licensed & Insured

Snake Trapping Baltimore Maryland It's getting cold, but the snakes that typically bother you in spring and summer months are still an occasional guest in your home. During the daytime they absorb the heat from the sun, at night they might be looking for a place to hibernate - that typically happens in early fall.

If black snakes can get inside, they may actually hibernate in your home, and they will start coming out in spring, and they will start searching the drop ceiling and the top of your cinder block foundation wall for mice, which they will find because most people basements are eco-systems completed with mice, mice droppings, snakes, snake skins, spiders and some centipedes for good measure.

If you choose to bond with nature in your basement, that’s fine. But if you would rather not have all the pests there, give us a call. We are skilled in both trapping and exclusion work necessary to keep new pests out of your home.

Professional Snake Removal Baltimore Specialist is just a Phone Call Away!

As your local Baltimore snake trapping and snake removal service, we provide fast, competent, and humane solutions to most nuisance animal problems at reasonable prices. All jobs are overseen my Marc Cohen, owner. Marc has a BS in Zoology from the University of Maryland and has been working with wildlife for over 20 years.

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