Raccoon Photo and Descriptions

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Gray Squirrel

These clever and adaptive mammals are fond of living in attics and chimneys, as well as knocking over your trash cans for a free meal. Along with the annoyance, raccoons serve as vectors for a variety of diseases including ticks, flees, raccoon round worm, and rabies. In addition, huge amounts of raccoon feces will rapidly accumulate in your attic. Raccoons breed once a year and give birth in the spring having as many as seven young per litter. Trapping adults is easy enough but extracting the young can be quite a challenge. Often we use the mother to coax out her young. Once the family has been evicted, all possible entrances are sealed.

We will make every effort to retrieve the babies from the attic and send them to an animal rehabilitator.

Gray Squirrel
Baby Raccoon - Photo by Marc Cohen